Being a Man of Your Word

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There are minimum expectations that society sets out for different people. Be it that you're male or female, the public assumes that you do your part in order to make civilisation prosper well. In order to get closer to this end goal, it is expected that at the bare minimum encounters of our lives, we observe values which are universally acceptable.

Some values are relative to the culture, location and time with which you associate yourself with. However, the former are values which transcend these factors. These are what people popularly call as "basics" that you have to observe to be considered a good man or woman. One of the most ill forgotten basic values that modern men ignore is staying true to your word.

Being a man of your word is not just keeping the person whom you think of yourself to be. It is staying true to what you represent yourself to others. This means that what you purport to be and say, you should be the exact same things that you should live up to everyday. The rationale behind this is that society's fabric is woven upon the basic foundations of trust and confidence. If you necessitate the same trust and confidence to be projected back at you, you should be of an example of a trustworthy companion. This is the basic ethics which humanity uses to distinguish the good from the bad.

The upside to this is that you represent yourself as a person who can be trusted upon and earn the title as "trustworthy". The perks to being reliable are endless! You get to enjoy a more intimate and personal connection with people and your special London escort. People can feel comfortable around you and vice versa and a whole lot more. Since you do right away what you say you're going to do, there are no trust issues with you. This is an awesome trait for someone who expects to win people's loyalties in the hopes of using friend's connections someday. They'll surely repay you for the mere fact that you are a righteous guy to them.

Otherwise, it might be difficult for people to trust you with anything if you're not a man of your word. Sure, you can get an excuse that it was only for this one time. However, people think differently. They'll just up their guards and think that you're just making up excuses. If you remember the story of the boy who cried wolf, you might be facing a problem similar to that little boy if you don't change. Imagine how you would feel if the tables were turned. This can be likened to that awkward moment when a ditched European escort wakes up and finds her client missing after providing service. The same feeling can be had if it were the client who failed to receive the service paid for. If you dislike this betrayal, you'd better change!


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