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I had always been turned on at the idea of fucking a hooker.I don't know why. I guess I'm just attracted to the fantasy, like many other men probably are; otherwise such a business wouldn't exist.

There's something to the thought of calling a woman over just for lust and then doing whatever you want with her. Sure, that may sound degrading, but I'm not a degenerate. Actually, I'm quite a shy and respectful guy and I would never give in to my fantasy.

I wish that I could give in, and I often read the ads in the paper or online and get very excited from them.

After being many years with my wife, our relationship just wasn't the same. We barely had sex anymore, and I started suspecting her of cheating. She'd always been more sexual than me and I had been wondering how she was coping with our diminished sex life.

I kept noticing more and more clues 'til one day I knew. She didn't even bother hiding it anymore. The cum-soaked panties, the shaved pussy, everything she did smelled of this other life she was living.

I put up with it for a while, but I couldn't live with myself either. So I thought to myself "fuck it, if she's having sex, am I too!"

So one night she was gone, I browsed my usual escort agencies websites and went back to this one particular Camden escort I kept fantasizing about. She was unbelievable. Tanned, tight ass, tall, long dark hair and kinky eyes, I had cum to her picture many times.

It took a while but I got myself to call. The very pleasant lady on the phone took my information and informed me that my companion would be over in an hour or so.

In no time I was hard again and stoked myself to a nice orgasm.

I patiently waited thinking about my wife. She would probably come home while I was in our bedroom with the escort. I didn't care anymore. I had my sole satisfaction on my mind.

Finally, the doorbell rang. I was nervous. I opened. She was exactly like her picture. She came into the living room, and saw the envelope with her payment on the table. She asked what I wanted.

"Ummm... I'd like to..."

I was clearly shy.

"I'd like you to suck my dick... and to cum on your face... and then to fuck you from behind... ummm I mean... In your pussy, not your ass..." She laughed at my shyness and stepped closer to me.

She grabbed my dick through my pants and whispered in my ear: "you could put it in my ass too, if you want."

My dick immediately stiffened.

She led me upstairs and found the bedroom on her own. She gently pushed the door until it was open only a few inches and pulled my pants down.

She kneeled in front of me and pulled my hard dick out of my trousers. She softly stroked it with both hands for a bit. I was harder than ever and already releasing pre-cum.

She licked her lips while removing her top so I could fondle her tits while she sucked me. I squeezed and caress them with both hands and got around to unclipping her bra.

Her perky tits were pointy and inviting and all I could think about was stuffing my dick between them.

"Pull my hair!" she said in between licks.

I obeyed. I watched her suck my dick while holding her hair. She fondled my balls with one hands and gently caressed my butt hole with the other. My wife had never even been close and it felt surprisingly good. Softly she inserted the tip of her index inside my ass and moved it around.

It was too much for me to handle and I warned her I was gonna shoot my load. She let my cock out of the grip of her mouth and let me release my sperm all over her face. I shot so much that it covered completely her right eye.

She swallowed some of it and teasingly played with the remaining around her mouth.

I looked at the door and realized that my wife had been peeking through the opening. I didn't know how much she had seen, but I didn't care. I was getting fucking good head from a hot ass hooker and she'd just have to deal with it.

My hooker washed the cum off her face and proceeded to the bed. She never took her eyes off me while she approached her pussy with her hand. She teased her clit with her thumb and inserted two fingers inside her slit.

I didn't resist the temptation and slid on the bed, bringing my face to her now very wet pussy.

I licked her pussy lips and teased them with my tongue. I gently ran my tongue up and down her lips while she kept teasing her clit and I inserted my tongue inside her moist cunt. My wife was watching me eat a prostitute's pussy and I was loving it. In fact, I was getting off from it. I was hard as a rock and ready to fuck.

I pulled away and my girl understood the signal. She got down on all fours and looked back at me with her little tail in the air.

I put one foot on the bed and another on the ground and slapped her pretty little ass before rubbing my dick on her opening. She was purring like a kitty and I was growing more excited by the second. I pushed my meat up her slit and she moaned when I reached deepest.

My wife could see my butt as I increased the pace of my fucking and I kept wishing she was watching. I buried my cock in her as deep I could with every thrust. She responded by pushing back and hit her ass against my crotch every time.

I had never fucked like that and was getting ready to milk this hot bitch's womb. I held her strongly by the waist and fucked her hardest I could. She screamed like an animal at the slaughterhouse and I knew she was cumming as well by the contractions of her pussy muscles.

She slowed down but didn't stop rockin' my cock. I kept slowly pushing in and out my half-hard cock and finally let it slip out in a pop. I continued pushing it between her ass cheeks and cum kept flowing onto her tight asshole.

Her inviting eyes were begging me to stuff her ass with my cock and I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to realize a long-time fantasy and add to my wife's misery. Whoever she had been fucking, I knew she would hurt seeing me give in to my lower instincts with another woman.

The cum all over her ass and my dick provided the necessary lubrication for my prick to slip slowly inside her waiting ass. Her eyes were closed in pain but I knew in just a few seconds she would be back to her moaning and grunting.

I looked back to ensure that my wife was still watching and she was. I wondered what was going through her mind but was too busy to care. I was enjoying anal pleasures for the first time, and certainly not the last with this incredible woman.

I enjoyed the feeling as long as I could and finally exploded inside her perfect teenage ass with a passion.

I was out of breath. She slowed the pace and let my soft cock exit her pink ass. She giggled and somehow pushed some of my sperm out of her ass, and it dripped over her pussy.

She turned around and took my soft prick in her mouth. She licked it clean. I felt liberated. From my wife, from myself, and I knew this was the beginning of a long series of great fucks...


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