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There comes a time in every relationship where boredom sets in. it doesn't matter how close you and your girlfriend are, you just can't seem to find anything else to do because you feel as though you have done it all. Have no fear as here are a few suggestions to help you get over that hurdle.

Get hold of a jigsaw puzzle. They don't only manufacture those flat ones but you can get also purchase 3D puzzles. Clear an area in your home and start building. Helping each other with a simple task such as this helps you to have some good clean fun.

If you have any newspapers at home then why not try your hand at the crossword section. If you have more than one, why not have a friendly competition? You never know, if you win you may get a date with a London escort.

Board games are a great way to pass the time. Scrabble, monopoly or even dominoes helps to keep the competitive spirit alive between the both of you. You not only learn a thing or two, but you get to add fun to your relationship. When was the last time the word fun was incorporated in your relationship?

What about getting all the pictures that you and your girl have taken together and make a scrapbook? While making the scrapbook you can take pictures and add those as well, creating memories on the spot.

Why not learn a new skill together? Having internet access brings the world straight to your home. The both of you need to decide what you want to learn whether it's cooking new recipes, learning how to re-decorate, or anything else that takes your fancy. Anything is possible on the internet.

Why not give each other a make over? If your girl has clothes at your place, this will be easy. Dress her the way you would want her to look when she goes out with you and she can do the same. The next time that the both of you have a date, wear the outfits that you chose. This will give you an idea of how she likes to see you dressed as well as giving her an idea of how you would like her to dress.

Make cards for each other. On special days we tend to buy cards, but why not take the time to tell her in your own words how you really feel about her? When you are finished, you can read out the cards to each other. Even if she is a London escort, she would really appreciate this.


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