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London escort Facts

Escort services are more openly talked about now as compared with ten years ago. Many considered escorts a topic of no discussion.

Managing Flirtationships

"Flirtationships" are those familiar relationships where people say they have no strings attached and that they just want to mess around and have fun.

Five secrets to having great sex

Not everyone has great sexual abilities, not even London escorts! But have no fear, everyone can be taught to be a great lover! Although we would prefer to call it making love once it's with our significant other, it all boils down to whether or not you are good between the sheets.

Five milestones to great sex

We are all looking for new ways to have great sex. We somehow believe that once we want it that it should be given to us without anything in return, but any woman, even the London escorts, will tell you that there are certain things that need to be done in order for you to have a great sex life.

Effective Scheduling

In this day and age if you don't have a proper schedule you won't be able to accomplish half of the things you need to get through on a daily basis like spending time with the escorts.

Don’t fall into the guilt trap

You may have heard a story from one of your friends where their ex-girlfriend did not want him to break up with her and all the drama he had in getting her out of his home.

Do it with passion

My mother always told me when you are doing something, do it with passion or don't do it at all. Passion is the thing that I tend to do everything in life with, and even more so in my sex life.

Coming from behind

You and your girl or London escort, are ready to take it to the next level in your sex life, anal sex. You are both really nervous about it but you are both willing to try it.

Budgeting for the future

Everyone wants to ensure that they are well off especially when they reach retirement, but with sending children to school, extra curricular activities, mortgages and London escorts it is sometimes difficult to see where your money is going.

Balance is the key to a happy life

It is very easy to have a one track mind, especially when you have a goal to accomplish. Nothing else seems to matter unless that goal has been completed. We tend to lose sleep and we forget to eat meals.

How to make life Meaningful

I remember going through life just because I had to, after all I was alive so what else was there to do? My open-minded escorts and I had a good relationship, we had a good home and we weren't in need of anything. But somehow things just weren't as I thought they would be.

How to improve your Sexual Stimulation

Sexual stimulation is not the same for everyone and you will see that in every article that you read. Even the London escorts say the same thing. Some people however, may not be too sure about what stimulates them and this is where the Latin escorts come into their own.

How to keep happiness in your life

Happiness should be an extension of who we are and what we enjoy most in life. Most times we hardly have the time to express these happy moments or to even create happy moments in our lives because we don't have the time or we are too worried about paying the bills as well, so how to do we keep the balance of happiness in our lives on a day to day basis?

Hot sex ideas for life

Sex, sex and more sex is one of the hottest topics to hit the public. It is plastered all over billboards, over the internet and of course, within the covers of your favourite magazines through advertisements. So it really isn't strange when all we think about the whole day, every day is sex.

Double thinking in a Nutshell

Double thinking is a skill that a lot of people are unfamiliar with, but they do it all the time. Men are the most notorious at doing this when faced with a quick call to make to a Brazilian escort, or a problem that they have to give a solution to.

No Time for Sorrow

Some say that more people die during the holiday season because of depression, if not heart related problems. And although it still remains to be a puzzle as to why the rate of depression is higher during the colder months of the year, there seems to be quite a trend, the majority of these people who pass away, are men.

Looks Always Matter

The holidays will soon be over but the fashions of yesterday's season are far from being over. There's a significant amount of people who just won't let the idea of dressing up go, and if you look good and well groomed and ready to party, why would you?

Do you have what it takes?

So here's the scenario: back in college, you got more C's than A's. You ignored it thinking that it wouldn't matter in the real world. 5 years later, you land a job that you have no idea of how to do. Days after getting the job, you get fired.

Dress to Party

Every man we know loves Friday for various reasons. Firstly, most likely payday and also they get to slack off at work (although we don't recommend this) and get away with it as it's the end of the week.

The World of Dogging

Have you ever driven past a car park late at night only to see lots of cars parked up with their lights on? You may have thought it was just a bunch of teenagers smoking weed or having a good time. You are probably wrong and the people you see are more likely to be doggers than anything else!

London Restaurants

There is something special about going out for a nice meal in a good restaurant. It's not just about enjoying some great food but it's also about having the right company, some sparkling conversation and a relaxing experience. There are some amazing restaurants in London that you can dine at. The Eastern European escorts regularly visit some of the finest establishments in the city so know all of the best places to go.

Jetting off Abroad

With the weather in this country so bad, is it any wonder thousands of us every year choose to go abroad for our summer holidays? Thirty years ago you could rely on a British summer and holiday makers flocked to seaside resorts for some fun in the sun. Last year was a total wash out with more rain then shine and this year isn't looking like it is going to be any better.

Hotels in London

There are many places to stay in London to suit the budget of every traveller. You will find cheap motels and bed and breakfasts alongside five star establishments fit for the Queen. There are many places you can stay whether you are here on vacation, for business reasons or just because you need somewhere to have some private time with the open minded escorts.

Getting inked

Tattoos are no longer just associated with hells angels and those who like to live on the wild side. We are all becoming more and more obsessed with having our bodies inked and are used to seeing influential people in the media with skin art. There are plenty of beautiful English escorts that have some beautiful tattoos.

Foot Fetishes

An astounding number of the population are turned on by feet or footwear and although few admit it, there are many kinky escorts that can cater to this naughty little fantasy of yours. There is nothing better than a nice pair of feet. Small, petite, dainty feet with beautifully pedicured and painted toe nails is what does it for some men. They love kissing, touching and worshipping a beautiful foot.

Champagne lifestyle, Lemonade pockets

We all live beyond our means. With credit so easily available we are all guilty of having credit cards, finance and overdrafts. It's just so easy to get the goods today and pay tomorrow. Many of us don't think twice about splashing the cash when we know that we can't really afford it!

Hangover Cures

Waking up in the morning with the room spinning, dribble down your face and an empty wallet may be the signs of a good night out but you definitely don't feel too clever! Drinking too much on a Friday night can leave us out of action for a whole weekend, nursing a banging headache and feeling very sorry for ourselves. The older we get the worse it seems to become and every weekend we say the same thing!

Sexual Positions

If we are in a long term relationship and over what some may call the honey moon period then sex may be becoming a bit stale with you and your partner. You may just have time for a quick fumble once the kids have gone to sleep but this usually consists of a quickie with the lights off and in the missionary position.

Kama Sutra

The Kama Sutra is the ancient bible of sex positions and emotional wellbeing that has been around since way before our time. Kama is the Hindu God of love and Sutra meant the equivalent of book in those days. Even in 100BC people were still looking for a way to maximise their pleasure and get total satisfaction from sex.


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