Men and Health

Cures for Migraines

Having a migraine is an experience that you never want to go through. Your head feels as though it's in a vice like grip and you are restricted from doing things you would normally do on a daily basis.

Protect Your Heart

They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and that's right, except that the kind of food we eat may affect our palates and might give us temporary gastronomic pleasures but might end up killing us as well.

How’s Your Heart

Did you know that with every orgasm you have whenever you have sex it is equivalent to a 1 kilometre run. That's according to studies, but with all that's been said about losing weight, gaining weight and packing on the muscles, there seems to be an underlying contributor to all of this, can you guess?

Junk is Healthy

If you're the kind of guy who's into health and fitness and spend most of your day in the gym, or thinking of what exercise you're going to do when you get home, then you'd be delighted to know that some "junk foods" are actually or can be good for you.

Don’t Kiss Me

Ever heard of the saying "Your smile makes my heart melt". We're pretty sure you have because you probably have used it in one of your dates, but just so you know, women use it more often than you do.

How to Handle Your Stress and Diet Issues

Dieticians and other medical experts have agreed that there is a positive correlation between the direct increased levels of stress you experience and your increased appetite. It's not rocket science to think that when you're tired, or exposed to a lot of different stresses that you'd want to escape them and maybe grab a quick relieving snack.

Knowing Your Eating Habits

Usually, men have their diet plans all wrong. You're lucky if you're the type of guy who even has a diet plan. Since you're part of the chosen few who feel the need to knock off that beer belly, you should invest your time well in something worthwhile.

Get in Shape with Squats

Studies show that women love men with bulging biceps, sculpted abs and strong chests. Since women and the busty escorts are attracted to these muscles, men perform bench presses and crunches to tone them. While bench pressing and crunching help the arms and abdomen, it neglects the entire body's muscles.

Getting checked out

There is nothing wrong with having multiple sex partners and a black book full of booty calls as long as you play it safe. You should always use condoms with a London escort or with new partners and one night stands. This will prevent you catching any sexually transmitted diseases that can be passed and picked up while making love. Having sex without a condom is a bit of a lottery.

Getting Enough Sleep

We all live very busy lives these days and find that we have less and less timer for ourselves. We have busy work, social and family lives which prevent us from doing the things that we really want to do. With not enough hours in the day as it is you may find that you just simply don't have the time to sleep!

Healthy Eating this Summer

Once the sun comes out it's much easier to stick to diets as no one wants to be eating stodgy, greasy food on a hot day. Salads, fruits and BBQ's are the order of the day and you can enjoy some really healthy and delicious, alfresco meals.

Keeping Fit

As we get older it is more important than ever to stay in shape. You need to maintain a healthy and balanced diet and take regular exercise to keep everything in good working order. If we fail to do this we run the risk of becoming over weight, unfit and at risk of things such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. The petite escorts know how crucial it is to have a healthy lifestyle and you will often find them at the gym or eating a salad!

Fresh as a Daisy

There is nothing worse than getting intimate with someone that doesn't have the best standards of hygiene. It can be very off putting if someone is a bit smelly and sweaty and can be a total passion killer. The sexy escorts will always arrive with you smelling sweet and divine and they always look clean and well presented. There is something very sensual about the smell of a woman's perfume.


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