Men and Relationships

Finances and Divorce: getting back on Track

From a general perspective, when it comes to dealing and coping up with a divorce, being financially prepared is very vital.

Signs that you’re the Rebound

Starting out a relationship with a woman who has just come out of one is a sticky situation. Not only do you risk making her more fragile than she already is, but you might just also be in for a wild ride yourself.

Finding value in your relationship

No matter how bad your relationship may look from time to time, there is always something to value from it. No relationship is perfect all the time, not even those that have London escorts in them.

Don’t play the blame game

When in a relationship, we always tend to point fingers at other people. Instead, the person who also needs to take some of the blame is ourselves.

Does she love you?

Wondering if your partner loves you can put quite a strain on your relationship especially if it's with a London escort. Love does not come easy for many people, but one sure way to know if she loves you is by the way she interacts with you.

Do you have a healthy attitude?

Healthy relationships, even those with London escorts, are based on the healthy attitudes that each person brings to the relationship.

Dealing with challenges in relationships

Looking for an opportunity within chaos is of course stressful, but if the London escorts can do it then so can you.

Do you really love her?

What does love really mean? To some, it might mean giving gifts while to others it may mean spending quality time together. It is said that being in love is one of the greatest feelings that you will ever experience, and that's the reason why it hurts so much if it is taken away.

Bored but loving it

There comes a time in every relationship where boredom sets in. it doesn't matter how close you and your girlfriend are, you just can't seem to find anything else to do because you feel as though you have done it all. Have no fear as here are a few suggestions to help you get over that hurdle.

Bad communication equals a bad relationship

When it comes to relationships, many bad things can occur. We may be able to prevent most of them if only we learned better communication. Without communication or lack of communication, no relationship can survive.

More than Friends

We've all had it - that feeling of not being able to date that young escort we've got a crush on. You spend all your nights out with your friends thinking that maybe someday; somehow she'll want you for someone more than just another lay.

Is there such a thing as normal?

Whether you're a man who grew up in the city or the suburbs or the countryside, there's always that one question you'll have in mind growing up: What's normal between and under the sheets? Or in layman's terms, "what is normal sex for the normal guy?"

How to party like a Divorcee

For most men, being single is something we could live with for the rest of our lives. Synonymous to independence and freedom, staying single for a long time can be a feat for any man.

Are you up for the Challenge?

The Situation: You're a pretty good looking, smart, witty, funny kind of guy. You're very easy to get along with, which makes you such a great guy. You've got a girl, she's beautiful, smart, sexy and talented just like you are. At first you hit it off quite well, a year into the whole thing, you start to see how far she's gone from the time you first met.

Meet More Women

There's a place and time for picking up women and there's a different time for meeting them. While you may think there isn't any difference between two, on the contrary, there is.

When Social Networking Sites Ruin Relationships

Relationships and social networking sites may never work well together. Sure, these sites might be helpful in terms of the extent they can help with getting you into a relationship.

Keeping a Woman Happy

In order to keep a woman happy you need to understand that being a good lover doesn't just mean that you can satisfy your woman in between the sheets; it also means that you have a strong, loving and caring relationship outside the bedroom. Being a good lover means taking the extra steps to make your woman feel amazing, happy, loved and secure.

Heartbreak Hotel

It can be very difficult splitting from a loved one, especially of you are married or have kids. It can get very messy and turn rather ugly if there was conflict in the relationship which caused it to break down. When you split up it can feel like the world has come to an end and there is nothing to live for. Unfortunately there is nothing anyone can say or do to make you feel any better.


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