The Definition of Love

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What does love really mean? To some, it might mean giving gifts while to others it may mean spending quality time together. It is said that being in love is one of the greatest feelings that you will ever experience, and that's the reason why it hurts so much if it is taken away. The Putney escorts all know what it is like to feel heart broken and they wouldn't wish that feeling on their worst enemy.

Love usually starts with infatuation where there is some physical attribute of the person that you like. With the escorts in Putney it may be her breasts, with another Putney escort it may be her legs. You have now caught the love bug and you are wondering if you really love her. This is a great question to ask before taking it to the next level of the relationship which may either be living together or even proposing. Your answer to this question will determine the next step that you will take in the relationship. The Putney escorts have all made mistakes in the past where they have thought that they were in love but looking back they realise it was just a crush.

But how can you tell the difference between love and infatuation? If you are infatuated with the person, such as an escort in Putney, all you think of is "what can I get from this person, sex, money, stature"? When you love the person you think about "what can I can give this person, what can I do to make their life a little easier? Boost their self-esteem, a listening ear, motivation, a place to stay"? The Putney escorts have met many men that are infatuated with them and it is easy to spot the difference.

Infatuation in a relationship wears off after a while. I mean there is only so long that you can be enticed and soon you'll be on the prowl again looking for new victim! When it comes to love you only have eyes for that one person and you are already making plans in your mind about where you would like the relationship to go. The escorts in Putney believe in love at first sight and know instantly when they are in love. Call Exclusive London Escorts this evening and book one of the gorgeous Putney escorts.


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