Emotionally Unstable Workmate

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There will be instances where an emotionally unstable workmate runs to you for help. Either he or she just got a reprimand from the boss, or a demanding client. Either way, you know that deep inside your conscience, you can't let this pass. More so, the possible companionship afterwards is so difficult to let down. When you think about it, if your female workmate is as hot as a Brazilian escort, and she has an appeal that drives men wild, then why not lend a hand right? Here are some approaches you can try in order to calm down your workmate before it gets uglier than it is:

Firstly, get a background of what kind of predicament he or she is going through. If you find out that it's quite personal, like somewhere along the line it involved her ex with a Brazilian escort, or a deep dark secret within her family, or even a weird past relationship coming back to haunt her, you know that you should back off. There's nothing substantial you can say that'll make things better when you know that you have too limited knowledge of the situation. If you do go out of your way and try to ask some information from your workmate about how delicate the situation is, you may even end up making him or her more depressed than they originally were.

On the other hand, when it involves the line of work he or she is involved in, it can be better to know the extent of your involvement. It could be that his or her misery will spell success for your career, so there's your moral dilemma right there. When you later find out that the reason why he or she is sobbing could turn out great for you, your role should be to make him or her understand why things happened that way. This is the most diplomatic way to approach the situation at hand without compromising the good things that could be coming your way. Otherwise, if both of you might be affected negatively, then it's a totally different story.

If you belong to the latter end of the office drama, both of you and other workmates involved in the problem should be able to size up the situation. If you see that a lot of your workmates are becoming illogical and irrational with respect to their emotions, you should be the bigger man. As you are faced with a lot more emotionally unstable people, be sure to keep the atmosphere calm. Talk it over and decide a course of action as objectively as possible!


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