Experience with the Mistress

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Many of us have mistresses it's just that we don't know we do. Who exactly is a mistress in your life and who is just another girl? Escorts are part of many lives in many societies and we all love them. Escorts are very good at what they do and their company can help ease away the loneliness especially for the single guys. If you haven't had an experience with an escort, its time to get yourself on the move. Think of it as an escape from reality, only, its part of reality. Having a good time with someone who is actually a professional in what she does is one of the best things that can happen to a man.

For those who have had a substantial experience with escorts and know one or two things about them, you may have sampled more than one of them and know the feeling that comes with experiencing women with different tastes, from different races, different nationalities and much more, especially with London escorts and at one time you may have had that one escort who made you feel like you were on top of the world. She gave you more than intimacy and you really connected, not just on one level but on many.

Once you find that one escort who to you, is more than just an escort, and you find yourself again and again asking for her whenever you contact your favorite London escort agency, she will know what to expect from you. She knows exactly what you want and she is determined to deliver to the best of her abilities, then you are on you way to having a mistress. Considering that the job description of an escort dictates company and temporary companionship, giving you an exciting time during an evening in or a night out, will show you that sexual intimacy can be just part of the package, and not the main item.

In certain cases, you may go out, have a fun time and kiss her goodnight without even going between the sheets. If the experience is always awesome for both of you, you may start developing a mutual connection between the both of you and this may develop into something different, a more intimate connection. When it gets to that, you know you have yourself a Mistress, disguised as your favorite escort.


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This is very true, I have used the same escort for a while and we have a great relationship, lots of fun and we both know what to expect. I wouoldnt use any other agency than Diamond. Theyre a cut above the rest.

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