Don’t fall into the guilt trap

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You may have heard a story from one of your friends where their ex-girlfriend did not want him to break up with her and all the drama he had in getting her out of his home. But once she was out, she kept calling and making him feel bad about all the things that she did for him and that they should be together because they have a child. Oh yes, they have had experience with a woman who has tried to place guilt in their way to get them to do what she wanted.

Women who play the guilt game are very dependent on their men, even London escorts, and to some extent they have very low self-esteem. This was not something that they learnt over night, it was a rigorous cycle that was probably passed down from generation to generation. This kind of woman is a manipulator and she knows exactly what to say to get what she wants, she may even bluff to commit suicide if she knows it will help her to achieve her goal.

These tricks usually come out of the bag when the man tries to end the relationship with her. The reason that she uses these tricks is because she's afraid to be alone. She always feels the need to be around someone, with someone. She may even feel that without a boyfriend that she'll amount to nothing and she feels worthless without a man by her side. The question is, will you allow her to control your life even though you know that the relationship is not a good one and she can't fulfill your needs? Are you willing to sacrifice your future because your girlfriend is a nut job?

These women are not easily identified and their true intentions usually only come to light during the instance of an attempted break up. If this happens to you, don't allow her to get the best of you. She has probably used those same lines on other men and she obviously hasn't committed suicide as yet so what is she waiting for? Call her bluff and ask her what she plans to do if you break up with her. If you ask her this you might catch her off guard as she will not expect this from you.

Don't allow her to take your joy away from you. If the relationship is not meant to be, then it's not. She's not as good looking as a London escort so she needs to pack her bags and hit the road, whether she wants to or not. Stand firm on your decision and walk away without looking back.


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