First date food tips

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First dates are tough enough with the awkward silences and long pauses. But you can ease additional tension by bringing your date or your favourite Oriental escort to a restaurant that serves the perfect date food. Things can go wrong if you choose the wrong food to eat on a date. Make sure you play it safe and order food that's sure to prevent a disastrous night out.

When bringing out a girl on a date, never ever go for the buffet specials. Aside from coming off as a cheapskate, the both of you will probably eat very little. Nobody should overindulge with food out on the first date. Both men and women love to play it safe when it comes to eating in front of each other for the first time.

Also, avoid food with too much cheese and dairy. Pasta is perfectly all right because it's classy. Just don't add more cheese because cheese will cause bad breath and will make you flatulent. Same goes for dairy products. Since it's a first date, you probably don't know the girl well. She might be lactose intolerant. Naturally, you want to prevent giving her anything that'll send her to the bathroom during your date.

Home cooked dinners are great for couples who've been together for some time. Self prepared dinners aren't great for first dates. Unless you're Chef Emeril Lagasse and can whip up an exquisite meal, don't even bother trying to impress her with your cooking. There's a 90% chance you'd screw up the food.

Obviously, anything with onions should be avoided if you're planning to close the deal and kiss your date. Steer clear of the onions. Just a little dose of those bastards and your night will surely end early.

We all have a soft spot for Mexican food. Who doesn't love burritos, tacos and quesadillas? Mexican food is guilty pleasure and best enjoyed after a fun drinking session with your friends; not with your date. The spices in Mexican food make it taste so great. It also causes sensitive stomachs to rumble in disagreement.

All men love alcohol, women and gorgeous Oriental escorts. Some of us can't get enough of it. A drink of wine or scotch on a date is unavoidable. If you decide to order a drink, limit it to one glass. Certainly, you don't want to go overboard and slur your words throughout the entire night because you accidentally got yourself drunk.

First dates should be fun. Remember these tips and maybe you'll get lucky after the night out.


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