Five disadvantages of being in a relationship

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Everyone talks about how nice it is to be in a relationship. They tend to highlight all the good things that go with relationships, but just like everything else, there are advantages as well as disadvantages. Here, we are going to highlight some of the disadvantages of being in a serious relationship.

Sex gets boring. When you first get into a relationship, nothing beats the sex. You get sex every time you see her and everything that she does tantalises you. But after a few months or for others a few years, things tend to slow down tremendously.

People who are not in relationships get a lot more sex. They also have the option of booking escorts in London which gives them not only more of a variety of women to have sex with, but also a greater variety of sexual activities to do that you may not be able to do in relationships.

You don't go out as often. Dating happens during the first few months of a relationship, but as time goes by you tend to stay home more either because you are too tired to go out or because it's more convenient. You get so comfortable in the relationship that you no longer feel the need to woo each other.

If you decide to spend time with the escorts in London, then you won't have to worry about being in a rut. They enjoy going out and having a great time. They are always enthusiastic when it comes to going on a date and ensure that they dress to impress when they are on your arm.

Routine sets the pace. It is no surprise that when you are in a relationship that routine starts to take place. You get up at the same time, you come home and do the same things at the same time, and you even have a schedule for when it's time to have sex!

With the escorts in London, they always try to keep things fresh and new. Routine is not a word that falls into their vocabulary. They are very spontaneous and they are ready to go with the flow. Most times memories are not made by what was planned, but instead the times you decide to think and act outside the box.

Your money is no longer your own. As much as you would like to believe that your money is still your own, it isn't, especially if you have children. You have bills to share and everything else that goes with being in a relationship. You may even try to hold back a few pounds for nights out with the boys, but somehow home always takes the priority.

Men who are with escorts in London don't have to worry about how to spend their money or ask another person how their money should be spent. If they see something that they like then they buy it. There are no rules when it comes to spending what they have worked so hard for.

You need to seek permission to do things. Yes that's right, you need to find out from your significant other if you can do certain things. You have to respect the rules and boundaries of the relationship if you want to keep it together.

Even though with the escorts in London you have to abide by their boundaries, they are usually not as strict as the ones that your girl will have with you. Sometimes you may feel stifled in a serious relationship, but with the escorts in London you are free to be yourself and to act upon your fantasies which is every man's dream.

Before getting into a relationship, think about the good as well as the bad. Understand what you are getting into so that when you see it happening you understand why. Make the most of all the opportunities that you can have with the escorts in London before settling down into a relationship and living a restricted life.


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