Five secrets to having great sex

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Not everyone has great sexual abilities, not even London escorts! But have no fear, everyone can be taught to be a great lover! Although we would prefer to call it making love once it's with our significant other, it all boils down to whether or not you are good between the sheets.

We can't all be sex experts, but we can come pretty close! Sex is about understanding what the other person wants. You can't go by past experience, since everyone gets turned on in different ways. With each person that you have sex with, things tend to change a little, so it's up to you to adapt to each situation. Failure to adjust your methods to each individual can cause you to get low ratings in this department and less action in the bedroom.

So here are a few secrets to keep things heated in the bedroom, and spice up your dull, boring sex life.

Think outside the box. Sex should never be made to feel as if it's a chore or punishment. Come up with creative and safe ways in which you both can express your sexual desires, either with your girlfriend or London escort.

Don't be afraid to add food to the equation. Sex foods such as chocolate, grapes, strawberries, and even whipped cream are great foods to indulge in whilst in the foreplay stage.

Use oils. You'll be surprised at how effective massage oils and warming gels are. Placed on the right parts of the body they can have amazing effects!

Role play. If you are always the dominant one when it comes to sex, why not reverse the roles and become the submissive one? You'll be surprised at what she has in store for you. After all, she has probably been waiting for quite some time to have her wicked way with you, and take charge of things. You can also ask your London escort about sex role playing games.

Have fun. If you are able to enjoy having sex it really shows. Pressure to satisfy your girlfriend can leave you edgy and nervous. Just relax and enjoy the experience.

I hope that these five tips can help you. Some may work, some may not. It is just a case of finding what works for you. Surprise your girlfriend or London escort, with your new tricks and you may be quite surprised at how it can spice up your sex life!


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when I was younger I booked an escort as I felt inexperienced compared to friends and local lads down the pub. I've had several partners since and I am now married, I have never had any complaints but as a man in my 40's I am looking to refresh on my sex life and these tips have really helped i look forward to taking my wife away to a spa in Epson and putting these tips to practise

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