Get in Shape with Squats

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Studies show that women love men with bulging biceps, sculpted abs and strong chests. Since women and the busty escorts are attracted to these muscles, men perform bench presses and crunches to tone them. While bench pressing and crunching help the arms and abdomen, it neglects the entire body's muscles. You don't exercise the legs, lower back and core by just bench pressing and crunching. These neglected muscles in the body have to be targeted by a new set of exercises.

Fortunately, one type of exercise can strengthen the core, arms, legs and chest all in a single motion. Squats.

Squats add to leg strength, which in turn increases your explosiveness and speed. Since squats exercise the largest muscles in the body, it releases the most amount of testosterone. The abundance of testosterone helps build muscles. Squats tone the butt, thighs, calves, chest, abdomen and back. It's an all in one exercise. It helps increase your balance by strengthening your legs and core. Another benefit of performing squats is injury prevention. If done correctly, squats can strengthen and stabilize leg muscles, lower and upper back, and knees.

With all the benefits of squats mentioned, you don't need high priced exercise equipment. You also don't need to pay obnoxious personal trainers unless, of course, the personal trainer you're hiring is a hot busty escorts. All you need to do is squat.

The real key to building bigger biceps and a leaner chest is by developing the lower body. And you can do that by performing squats. Here are important reminders when performing squats.

Remember to always look forward while doing squats. Looking at your feet won't help support the barbell bar on your neck. Always stick your chest out and push your elbows out. Sticking your chest out strengthens the upper and lower back. Pushing your elbows back prevents injuries to your elbows.

Your feet should be shoulder width apart. The heavier the weight you're squatting with, the wider your stance should be. If your stance is narrow the more prone to knee injury you'll be. Also remember to point your toes out 30 degrees.

Squats build core strength, which in turn helps you perform in any physical activity be it jogging, sprinting, jumping, or swimming.

Squats increase agility and balance so you're faster and stronger. With a strong core brought about by performing squats you can quickly build and sculpt your chest, abdomen and arms and women will be swooning to you in no time.


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