How to Handle a Makeover

London Escort Cassie

Straight guys think that a makeover will spell the end of their manhood! They think that just because you get a manicure, pedicure and your hair done, you will automatically become gay. Apart from being sexist and rude, this is such a pessimistic outlook on what you can get from a makeover. Take note that the reason why you even got to that salon chair was because it was the boss' orders, or worse, you partner's! This means that you should stand your ground, just go with it, and maybe even make the best out of it. Makeovers shouldn't give you reasons to self deprecate but be more confident about yourself.

You might be uneasy at the thought of some gay guy in the salon trying to change your looks into something more stylish. Well, you shouldn't be. If you give the appropriate instructions, or when the one who made the appointment for you gave them, you should give the stylist your complete trust. Since you are not the expert, you don't have ascendancy whatsoever to question why a certain style has to go a certain way. However, this doesn't mean that you can't make suggestions. You should settle these compromises before anything starts, for instance when you want to keep a certain hair length, or overall appeal.

Moreover, you should take note that a makeover is geared towards making you more confident about yourself. What's so miraculous about these makeovers is that they give you a whole new perspective on how you should see yourself. It should become the enabler to which you can feel more confident about how you perceive yourself so that people can see the change in you. When you know that the stylist has done a good job, embrace it fully, other people will see the changes you've made and notice how much more handsome you've become. You better get ready for London escorts chasing you around town!

Lastly, you should remember to keep your look in check. It doesn't mean that even though Asian escorts and Brazilian escorts swoon over your new look, that they'll still have the same sentiment a month or two later. You should maintain going to the salon and tell your stylist to give you the great look you had previously. When you think about it, your looks are a good investment to make for yourself, so don't be so picky about the price. Since it has great returns for you, consider it worthwhile. Remember, though, that when you decide to change your look again, don't go too drastic. You might just end up overdoing it, next time. Make sure the transitions in your look follow an up-to-date style in order to keep you looking your best.


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