Hangover Cures

London Escort Jazmine

Waking up in the morning with the room spinning, dribble down your face and an empty wallet may be the signs of a good night out but you definitely don't feel too clever! Drinking too much on a Friday night can leave us out of action for a whole weekend, nursing a banging headache and feeling very sorry for ourselves. The older we get the worse it seems to become and every weekend we say the same thing! "I'm never drinking again"! The following weekend however you do it all over again and wonder if you will ever learn!

The broad minded escorts understand what this feels like but as they party most nights of the week they have learnt lots of ways to make themselves feel better the next day. You may think it's just a myth but actually drinking a pint of milk before you go out really can prevent a nasty hangover. The milk actually lines your stomach and the broad minded escorts always have a sip of the white stuff before they go out! This, along with a nice home cooked meal will really set you up for the evening and hopefully stop you pigging out on kebabs on the way home.

The broad minded escorts often wake up feeling a little woozy from the night before. They usually have a nice big glass of ice cold water before they hit the sack as this prevents any serious headaches from developing. They always take their makeup off, brush their hair and get into a clean pair of pyjamas so that when they wake up they feel fresh and clean. The broad minded escorts will often eat some fruit or have a big cooked breakfast to sort themselves out and then pop to the gym to sweat it out! They soon bounce back and are looking gorgeous again!

Prevention is the best cure and if you take it easy you won't feel so lousy the next day. Drink in moderation and not to get paralytic. Enjoy a few pints on a night out but never drink so much that you don't remember what you are doing. At Exclusive London Escorts there are lots of sexy and adventurous broad minded escorts who can come and entertain you. They also enjoy a drink and are great party girls but always know when to call it a night.


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