Do you have a healthy attitude?

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Healthy relationships, even those with London escorts, are based on the healthy attitudes that each person brings to the relationship. Having a healthy attitude means being open minded and accepting your partner as they are. People who engage in negative behaviour in their relationships tend to leave a path of destruction in the following ways:

Mind readings

Reality check, your partner can't read your mind no matter what you may believe. It is unfair to put pressure on your partner to try to figure out what you are thinking and feeling. Just say how you feel and what you are thinking. It will be easier for everyone involved, especially the London Escorts.

Unfair statements

When we are upset with ourselves or our partners, we use words such as "must", "should have" and even "if only". These statements or words are uttered through shame, guilt, fear or even anger based on the situation that we face. These are emotional statements that are based on the thoughts that we have about expectations from ourselves as well as our partner.

What you must understand is that your partner has you best interests at heart, or at least your partner should have your best interests at heart. It's ok to make mistakes and it's ok to let your partner see you in a vulnerable state. It's when we don't understand these things that all those statements come forward.

Emotional responsibility

Do you take responsibility when your emotions cause havoc in your relationship? Being emotionally attached to a situation makes you human, but the manner in which you handle it will determine whether or not your relationship will last.

I'm not saying you should not show your emotions, I believe that you should, but it does not change the situation or the fact of the matter. What is done is done. Your attitude should therefore reflect how you plan to deal with the problem instead of making the problem worse.

Don't take it personally

We take things way too personally. Everything that goes wrong in your life is not your fault, which is the first thing you need to be aware of. When we blame ourselves for everything that happens, it lowers our self-esteem. What you can take responsibility for, is your reaction to circumstances. Be aware of the choices that you make as well as the consequences that may follow.

No one is perfect, neither is any relationship, but if you change your attitude and outlook on life you can get as close to perfect as you can, even with a London escort.


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