How’s Your Heart

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Did you know that with every orgasm you have whenever you have sex it is equivalent to a 1 kilometre run. That's according to studies, but with all that's been said about losing weight, gaining weight and packing on the muscles, there seems to be an underlying contributor to all of this, can you guess?

It's your heart - yes, the same organ that gets figuratively broken when you go through a bad breakup or get cheated on by the girl you were dating, although technically, you realise you shouldn't have be dating them anyway. Or when your all services escort in London dumped you because she realised you had fallen too deeply for her.

And with all the workouts and exercise that's out in the market, even quick fixes that leave you wondering, which one is really good for you and which one isn't, here are some of the fool proof ways to take care of your heart so the next time someone asks you "how's your heart", you know what to tell them.

Watch a Horror Flick - we all know that scary movies isn't a guy thing, unless you're trying to get a woman to cling on to you the whole time, but did you know that watching a horror flick every now and then gives your heart the much needed jolt that requires for it to function at its optimum level.

Go Diving and be impulsive about it - if you live in a house with a lagoon sized pool, then be glad because studies show that doing something physically out of impulse is the next best thing you can do for your heart, other than having sex with all services escorts every night.

Climb your way to the top, literally - most bachelors, as we know, like to live in condominiums for the same reason they like having sex with different women every night, the fear of commitment. But along with every unit you own in a high rise building comes with a price, you forget the feeling of being able to climb the stairs (because you don't have to). But did you know that climbing the stairs every so often helps you keep your heart in its best shape. And that's just the start of it, who knows who you'll bump into when you climb the staircase to your penthouse unit.

The Darker, the Better - they say that the worst way to treat your body is to eat too many sweets, but they forgot that the heart needs the right amount and right kind of sugar to keep the blood flowing. And although we don't advice you to eat lots of chocolate, perhaps the dark forms of it might give your heart the right boost and rush that you need to get through a hard day's work. Remember, stress is and never will be good for your heart.


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