How to improve your Sexual Stimulation

London Escort Martina

Sexual stimulation is not the same for everyone and you will see that in every article that you read. Even the London escorts say the same thing. Some people however, may not be too sure about what stimulates them and this is where the Latin escorts come into their own. These lovely ladies will go through the different types of stimulation with you to help you find out what arouses you. Well here goes and you should have fun doing this.

  • Watching the Latin escorts have sex. I have never met a man that does not get off on seeing the vaginas of two women rub against each other. The Escorts will be more than happy to put on a show for you. Hopefully you'll be able to control yourself. Remember this show is only between them so hands off! If you can keep them off of course!
  • Fondling the London escorts in public. One of the best places to do this is in a crowded lift. The Latin escorts of course will dress for the occasion by wearing short skirts. Head to the back of the lift if you can. If you are a daredevil then you can stand in the middle. You can also do this in a fast food outlet where you can find a table facing the wall. You can sit with the escorts in a corner so that you can have your way with them under the table.
  • Letting her visit you at the office. One sure way of making you the envy of all the men in the office is to allow the London escort to pay you a visit at the office wearing a top that exposes her cleavage and is light enough for her nipples to show through too. Not only will she tease you with her upper half but her lower half as well. She will wear a skirt that is short enough so that when she sits you will notice that she has on no underwear. She may even do the classic "oops my pen fell" just so you can have a good look at her butt. Not that you would mind of course.
  • Have a date in the cinema. Cinemas are nice and dark and this is why the Latin escorts love these dates the best. Under the cover of darkness they are able to play with your member as you pretend to watch the movie. They don't mind that the person next to them can see what they are doing as this actually thrills them knowing that someone is seeing! If you are lucky and there is hardly anyone in the cinema then you make even get a blowjob! You will be lucky if you can walk out of the cinema with your knees so weak!

Understanding how your body reacts to the stimuli around you is important if you plan on having great sex for the rest of your life. What better way to stimulate your senses than with the London escorts?


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