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So here's the scenario: back in college, you got more C's than A's. You ignored it thinking that it wouldn't matter in the real world. 5 years later, you land a job that you have no idea of how to do. Days after getting the job, you get fired. And you tell everyone that you have this dream of being the next big leader of the world, how do you expect people to believe you? More importantly, how would you even get yourself to that point when you can't even do what your job entails?

But fret not, we're here to help you out and make things clear for you. If you truly want to be an exceptional leader someday, the first thing you need to realise is to maximize your weaknesses. By this we mean, to be a leader you need to know your weaknesses. You should be the one to take charge of what prevents you from being the person you want to be.

So what does it take to be a leader? One that people will respect, admire and look up to. Although men already have a direct advantage, sometimes, being a man can be a big disadvantage.

And here are some ways to muster your strengths and overcome your weaknesses:

Don't try to fix your weaknesses, instead, focus on your strengths. This may sound crazy to you, but some people have died trying to fix what's wrong with them and no one has truly succeeded. That's because they waste all their time and energy trying to find the one thing that makes them imperfect whilst forgetting what makes them special. So the next time you second guess yourself, think about just how great you'd be as a the future leader of your country.

Don't do what you don't love. We believe it's safe to assume that doing what interests you will yield positive results and ultimately will allow you to grow as a person. But if you're stuck doing the thing you hate the most, then you might as well be stuck in a rut where everything else doesn't make sense. If you keep doing something you don't enjoy, it's just like digging your own grave. Tedious and pointless.

Don't worry too much. One thing that leaders don't do is worrying too much about things they don't have control over. And as a future leader, worrying too much about the wrong things can make or break you. Ever wonder why leaders have personal advisors? That's because they too, need to be able to sort out their own anxieties. So the next time you worry about who's tending to your dogs, don't. It's never going to do you any good.

These are just some of the qualities that make a leader, if you aspire to be one, then you've got to learn how to acquire these traits. After all, if you don't make it as the next president, you might as well be the next CEO of your company, then you'll get all the money, fame and fortune, including all the women you want, starting with the escorts.


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