Jeans are Men’s Style Barometer

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It is safe to say that in this day and age, men all over the globe are finally making a collective effort to make men's fashion much more relevant that it has ever been. In fact, you will see a good number of straight men taking on fashion up close as they fill the front-row seats of Fashion Week. You will also see men all over shopping centres at key fashion capitals of the world. Fashion, definitely isn't just a woman's world anymore, at least, not entirely.

However, despite the fact that men finally have access to the hottest fashion events in the world, there are still those who are lagging behind in terms of personal style. Some are either following too much when it comes to fashion trends (like, basically, whatever Kanye West wears on TV) or are too darn safe when it comes to clothing choices.

To be able to determine if a guy's got style or not, one of the best pieces of clothing to determine this is a man's pair of jeans or trousers.

If his jeans are too baggy, then you will know that he does not care too much about style. Usually, these guys just walk into a random jeans store (such as Gap, Dockers or Marks & Spencer), select the most generic-looking denim that is at least an inch or two bigger than their actual waistline, and that's a wrap. In fashion events, either he's a Jay-Z fan or he's basically just beginning to understand this fashion thing.

And then there are guys who wear their jeans too tight. In fact, their trousers are too snug. Even their girlfriends or their sexiest escort companion wouldn't fit in them. We're not sure, but we're sensing that their fashion icon is either a popular emo band singer or female models. The worst part about this isn't even on the style side. The fact that their ahem nuts are tightly squeezed somewhere beneath those stiff jeans is the biggest problem. Size down a bit and let 'em breathe easy!

But when you see a guy rocking a pair that is perfectly fitted for his size and form, then you have to applaud that man's style. Well fitted and looking good. Now THAT is good fashion in its truest sense for you!


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