Junk is Healthy

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If you're the kind of guy who's into health and fitness and spend most of your day in the gym, or thinking of what exercise you're going to do when you get home, then you'd be delighted to know that some "junk foods" are actually or can be good for you.

Now if you're thinking that eating junk food, whatever or however healthy it is deemed to be is a risk to your already healthy physique, then why don't you give some of it a try?

For instance, chocolates, processed sweets are the ones that can be detrimental when eaten in unreasonable amount, but did you know that dark chocolates, yes, the ones you bring to your favourite English escort when you come to visit her, we all know English love chocolate! Actually helps you keep yourself from eating, or overeating. Dark chocolates according to recent research are good "appetite depressant" because it leaves you full and feeling less hungry whenever you eat them. Now isn't that something you'd like to share in bed with your hot date?

But what about beer, Malt. The never ending myth of beer being a calorie booster isn't really true. Studies show, and you should never take it too far, that drinking moderately, (a dozen bottles isn't moderate, okay?) is good for your heart. Why? We don't know. How? Because it has chemicals that prevent some heart related diseases like hypertension and stroke. But remember, anything not taken in moderation can still kill you.

If you're scared that you'll get Alzheimer's disease by the time you reach the age of 60, then you should drink coffee as much as you can, always, but never too much. You see, because of the antioxidants that most coffee drinks provide, it actually helps get rid of the causes of Alzheimer's, however, did you know that coffee also protects you from a lot of cancers? Oh, but those lattes you drink in Starbucks every morning, they don't count.

To cap it all off, if you enjoy wining and dining with your girl, then now is not the time to hold back. Wine, as much as you try to avoid it, is one of the better, if not the only drink you're allowed to have if you want to live a long life. But did you know that there's another impressive quality of Wine that most people don't know- you can actually use it to prevent sunburn. And no, we don't mean rubbing it on the back of your hot English escort date, we mean, drinking while you're sunbathing, or skinny dipping. Either way, you drink it, or you dine with it, you will never go wrong with wine.


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