Kelsey and the Hot Tub

London Escort Laura

Kelsey's phone beeped loudly and she fished it out of her bag. Looking down, she saw that the office had sent her a booking. She didn't recognize the name or address, so figured it wasn't someone she had seen before. Kelsey liked these clients. It was a chance for her to make a good impression and show what she was made of. She called the number in the message and was pleased to hear a deep and sexy voice on the end of the phone. She told the mystery man, whom she only knew as John, that she would be around forty minutes and was looking forward to seeing him.

"Come on Oscar, put your foot down", she said impatiently to her driver. At this rate they were never going to get there. She didn't understand how, even with a sat nav he could get lost. Eventually they pulled into a quiet road with a number of large houses. She called the client who told her that it was the last house on the right. As they made their way to the end house and up the long driveway, Kelsey couldn't help but be impressed. The house was huge, with fir trees leading up to it and big double oak doors. As she got out of the car the front doors opened and she was faced with an attractive man in his forties, wearing a navy blue robe and holding two glasses of champagne. "This might not be so bad" Kelsey thought to herself as she walked up to meet him.

"Hi babe, I'm Kelsey". She leaned in to give him a peck on the cheek and noticed John looking her up and down. "Wow", he said. "You are even prettier than your pictures". Kelsey blushed as he led her inside. She couldn't help but admire his home. It was beautiful and looked like something from a magazine. "This place is amazing" she said, taking it all in. "Thanks, it suits me" John smiled. "Now how about we go outside"? Kelsey turned to him in surprise. "Outside, um, isn't it a little cold"? John took her by the hand and led her into the kitchen and through the patio doors leading out into his huge back garden. There was a large section that had been decked out with fairy lights and a hot tub with steam rising from it. It was beautiful to look at and she could hear R.Kelly playing in the background. "Oh my God" she said. Kelsey had never been to a place like this before and couldn't believe she was getting paid for it too! "You like it huh? So how about you slip out of those clothes and we get in?" said John, interrupting her thoughts.

She dipped one foot in, thinking that the water would be cold. She was surprised to find that it was warm and she slowly lowered her naked body into the water. John was already in, watching her and admiring her soft, silky skin. With a drink in his hand he poured one for Kelsey and handed it to her. As he gave her the glass, their fingers brushed and Kelsey felt like she had been electrocuted. The sparks were definitely flying here and she knew that she wouldn't have to fake any part of the evening. Johns hand reached under the water and rested in between her thighs, stroking up and down. She could feel herself getting turned on and put her glass down to the side. She moved her hand to John's penis and began working it up and down. She could feel him getting hard and was enjoying the look on his face. He began to stroke her clitoris. Gently at first, but working his way up into a rhythm that left her gasping with pleasure.

John pulled himself up so that he was sitting on the side of the hot tub. She could see now how big his penis was and couldn't wait to feel it inside her. She wrapped her hand around the shaft and began to kiss the tip, watching Johns face as he moaned and groaned. She then took it in her mouth, as far into her throat as she possibly could and began sucking and licking it whilst continuing to rub her clit. She wanted him now and pulled him back down into the hot tub. Turning away from him she sat on his penis and began to ride it, squeezing her pussy round it with every thrust. Kelsey then turned to face him, forcing her soft, bouncy breasts into his face. He began to bite her nipples making her scream with delight. As she continued to grind up on down on top of him she could feel herself wanting to cum and she could tell that John was thinking the same thing. She quickly moved off of his penis and put it in her mouth. As John filled her with hot cum she slipped two fingers inside herself making her pussy squirt. They reached orgasm together, falling back into the water with total satisfaction.

"That was great" said John, slightly breathless. "I know" said Kelsey putting her clothes back on. She meant it too. Rarely did she take such great pleasure with clients. Handing John a card she winked at him."Call again soon hun" she said as she walked out of the door. Getting back in the car she woke up Oscar who had been having a nap. "You look happy" he said, starting the engine. "Mmmmm" she replied. "It was fun". With that she put on her iPod and found an R.Kelly track, allowing herself to drift off thinking about John and the hot tub.


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