Don’t Kiss Me

London Escort Alexandra

Ever heard of the saying "Your smile makes my heart melt". We're pretty sure you have because you probably have used it in one of your dates, but just so you know, women use it more often than you do.

And if you still can't take a hint, women have the habit of checking out your teeth and your oral hygiene. We cannot stress it enough that having impeccable personal hygiene is very important if you want to get a woman who will respect you for everything that you are, even if you're just dating a kinky escort you met in the bar.

And that includes your mouth, it's funny when you think about it, one minute is perfectly fine, with an almost blinding glare of white and in another, you find yourself munching on a week old beef looking like some famished bloke on the street.

Although we don't normally care about how you would treat yourself, women are very particular about how you treat your teeth. After all, they kiss you, and you kiss them, you ask them to go down on your private parts and you do the same, so it's very important that you are clean when you do it.

So if you're wondering how it's done, here are some ways:

Quit smoking - oh yeah. We know this isn't what you want to hear, but smoking does a great deal of damage to your overall oral hygiene. Aside from giving you the smoker's breath, it also leaves stains on your teeth, which isn't exactly the most attractive thing about you.

Quit eating sweets - there's something so irresistible about sugary treats and there's also something quite annoying about it. It sticks to your teeth like glue on paper, and if you're trying to impress an escort in London, having chocolate coating on your teeth isn't the best way to do it.

Use whitening toothpaste - with the number of whitening products out in the market now, there has to be a couple of them that's solely dedicated for your teeth. Try using one of them; it's the inexpensive alternative to teeth bleaching.

Change your toothbrush weekly - If you're the kind of guy who's vain enough to know that wax is better than gel based hair products, then you should also know that changing your toothbrush weekly is the key to keep your teeth in tip top shape.

Visit your dentist - if you can spend long hours in the gym, sweating it out 'til your whole body aches, then it won't hurt to pay your dentist a visit every 3 months. Just as you are devoted in getting those hard rock abs, don't forget that your teeth need to be just as strong as every bone in your body, after all, your abs won't do any good if you got no teeth to show.


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