Looks Always Matter

London Escort Alexia

The holidays will soon be over but the fashions of yesterday's season are far from being over. There's a significant amount of people who just won't let the idea of dressing up go, and if you look good and well groomed and ready to party, why would you?

But if you haven't noticed yet and you should by the time you get to read this article, a lot of people nowadays pay more attention to what you wear or how you look, than what you have to say. And although it can be depressing at times that people care more about your looks than your opinions, later on, you'd realise that these people will give you the respect you want when they see that you deserve it and it all starts with your physical appearance.

As Superficial and unfair other people may think, the standard for looking good has definitely gone up to higher proportions. And I know how frustrating it is for a man to be labelled as "sloppy" when you're just about the same guy who's sporting a Dolce and Gabbana or H&M. But cruel as it maybe, there's a very good reason why looks matter and it's definitely something we should learn to accept and live by, if not take advantage of. Just think of how many gorgeous all services escorts you're going to book in one night and that's just the start!

But if you're the kind of guy who thinks homeless fashion is going to land you the job you want, or get you the woman you want, think again. Success doesn't come to people who are lazy and wearing socks with holes and earrings on both ears don't exactly show hard working either way. I suggest that you pick your garb very carefully every morning. Your closet need not be filled with designer labels, just make sure you have the basic everything a man needs, and please throw out anything that's not even worthy of a second look. And by that I mean, old shirts, worn out socks and washed out jeans, they all had a fair share of the fashion in the 80s and it's time to upgrade your look now.

I cannot stress enough how important your clothes are if you want to impress women. Think about the all services escorts and women companions you've been trying to get your hands on, they won't go out with you because you don't look like someone they would like to be seen with in public. No one wants to date you when you look like sloppy slob.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that no matter where you are, or what you do, people will gauge you with how you look and if they sense that you're someone not to be taken seriously, and then they won't even give a damn to look at you. And that's exactly why looking good nowadays can never be a sin.


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