Does she love you?

London Escort Alyssa

Wondering if your partner loves you can put quite a strain on your relationship especially if it's with a London escort. Love does not come easy for many people, but one sure way to know if she loves you is by the way she interacts with you.

Behaviour - A woman that loves you takes her time to look good for you. You may say she takes such a long time to get ready, but she just wants to make sure she looks her best for you. She'll do things that please you, give you a blowjob to wake you up, cook you your favourite meal or even sit through a movie that she doesn't like.

Body language - If she snuggles up to you like a London escort does, then she feels that connection with you. If your girl pulls the cover to her side of the bed and turns her back to you then something is wrong, so try to figure out what it is. Women love to be held and if you don't do it and she loves you enough, she'll find a way to make that physical contact with you. The day she stops, be aware, be very aware.

Engaged - Don't have a heart attack, it doesn't mean that you are going to ask her to marry you, not yet anyway. If she wants to spend time with you and she pays attention while you are talking then that's a good sign. If she did not like you, she would probably be fiddling with something and not really listening to what you have to say.

Touch - A woman that wants to have nothing to do with you won't allow you to touch her, neither would she want to touch you. She would find ways of making herself busy and unavailable to you. A woman that loves you will hunger for your touch and she will wear sexy lingerie and do what she has to do for you to notice her, as well as touch her.

Listen- We know that as men, that you listen with you mind and that everything needs to be logical but guess what? Love isn't logical. With love, you will be forced to listen with you heart. What does it tell you? Do you feel as though she completes you like the London escort? Or are you wondering if you made a mistake? Whenever you are unsure about something, your heart will always lead you in the direction that you need to go.


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