Do you make these mistakes?

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Finding escorts in London is not as hard as it may have been a few years ago. Many agencies have emerged making it easier to access the escorts. So you have access to escorts in London, but do you actually know how to treat them?

Here are a few mistakes that men tend to make when it comes to escorts

Men tend to treat escorts like slaves - Escorts in London are women who are in the profession of entertaining men. They should be treated with respect and courtesy.

Men don't see why they have to pay escorts - The escorts in London also need to pay their bills too, not only that but they are giving you a great service. If you did not think that they could not give you what you wanted then you would not have contacted them in the first place. Escorts are a lot more open minded than many of the other women in London, therefore giving you a greater sexual satisfaction, so give them what is owed to them.

Men limit the skills of the escorts in London when they don't want to try new things - The reason that you booked her was because you were fed up of being short changed during sex, so why not allow her the chance to show you how sex really should be. Stop being a worrier, it's about time you tried a few new things to get your blood pumping again.

Men believe that escorts are there to obey their every command. - This is one of the most common mistakes that men make. All escort agencies will let you know what is expected of you and how you should treat the escorts that you are booking. It should be stressed that ALL escorts in London have boundaries and if this is not told to you by the agency then the escorts will be sure to let you know themselves. If you do not like the boundaries that are set by the escorts then get other escorts that will better suit your needs.

Men don't prepare themselves for sex. Preparing for sex with the escorts will determine whether or not they give you a blowjob, kiss you or even want to have sex with you in the first place. Make yourself presentable to the escorts in London just as they would for you. You know how close you will be to escorts during sex and you want them to be comfortable doing different things with you, so smell fresh!

Men don't choose a suitable place to meet the escorts. The place that you pick for your rendezvous with the escorts in London should be safe and well secured. It should also be clean as well. If you choose places that don't meet with the escorts criteria then they do not have to stay.

If you want to have a great time with the escorts in London, then make sure that you follow all their guidelines and use a bit of common sense as well. You don't have to make the same mistakes as your fellow men have done, instead learn from their mistakes and in turn gain preference with the escorts.


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