Managing Flirtationships

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"Flirtationships" are those familiar relationships where people say they have no strings attached and that they just want to mess around and have fun. Most guys think that this is a safe route for them to take in case they don't get to meet their favourite girl on a cold night. Although you're flirtationship partner might not be as good as, say a Brazilian escort, the "companionship" you get out of your arrangement is equally as exciting, However, do approach this with caution. There are indicators in this set up where it can lead to a serious type of relationship. Here are 3 ways to keep yourself in check:

Firstly, flirtationships are made for the sole purpose of flirting. Nothing should ever be too serious between you and your partner. So after that night out with other friends, both of you should be pretty comfortable going to either one's home and continuing the fun there. Afterwards, you shouldn't keep things too close by trying to be overly nice to each other. You just might run the risk of letting your girl fall for you, even if you don't mean it. Things like when you ask how her day was, would she like to meet you for a coffee, etc., are all indicators that things might be more than what they seem. Stop it.

Secondly, these types of arrangements vary in the "fun" you get out of your companion. There are many ways to make arrangements with each other that both of you are sure you can benefit from. For example, being each other's date on events when you don't have one, being each other's booty call when you think you need a quick one, or even being each other's companion when you just need one. It doesn't mean that you're both in a flirtationship, you can get to know each other better and eventually become friends. However, make sure that things stay that way. Any other outlook on each other is potentially dangerous!

Lastly, draw the line in terms of proximity with your flirtationship. There has to be a mutual decision that you will limit your contact with each other, the circle of friends around you, and the common people you know who might know about your set up, etc. If you make the line broader, you'll definitely veer away from the possibility of making things awkward for the both of you. Despite your unconventional set up, both of you should be able to feel that you can live normal lives outside of your special arrangement. Getting the feeling you're stuck with each other can lead to a lot of problems.

If you feel that your interests have changed from fun to a more serious relationship between you and your partner, then make sure your partner knows about it. That way, both of you know what to do if you want to get out of it.


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