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There's a place and time for picking up women and there's a different time for meeting them. While you may think there isn't any difference between two, on the contrary, there is.

Picking up women means you sit in a bar and try and pick up as many women as you can, but actually meeting and getting to know women is a different thing. You can't just go being flash to women thinking that it's the right way of meeting them. If you really want to meet nice women, start by showing the right kind of conduct.

Women are in general more approachable and less conniving when they meet men in broad daylight. So the next time you want to meet a woman, you might want to avoid the regular places like bars and shopping centres. The more conventional the place, the more likely you can grab a date or two. But before doing so, think about these things first:

Have a Mid-Week Hump Day - just because you're busy at work, it doesn't mean you can't have fun in the middle of the week. Aside from the weekends, Wednesday is the best day to go out and socialise. Take note, socialise, and not party. In fact, London escorts like going out on a Wednesday, as you can have just the right amount of fun and sensibility.

Keep Re-telling stories - every man we know has his own set of stories he likes re-telling every now and then. It actually helps get the attention of women, but remember to use only those stories that make sense. It won't help if you share too much information, like the women you've slept with or how you screwed over your brother's ex-girlfriend.

Don't forget to introduce yourself - Don't forget to introduce yourself before starting to chat up your lady. The most suave men can talk their way into every conversation.

Look Your Best - if you want to meet a fine woman, you need to look the part. No one wants to go out with someone who looks drab. The next time you go to leave the house, check yourself in front of the mirror. You want to be looking your best when you meet your next potential girlfriend.

Always be Courteous- one way to meet women is to offer help when they need it. When you see a woman in a shopping centre having a hard time carrying her bags, offer help and always be courteous. Nothing is more attractive than a man who knows how to show respect.

Don't Hesitate- the best advice we can give you if you really want to meet women is don't hesitate. Never second-guess yourself, it's the worst thing you can do to sabotage your chances of finding that one special woman.


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