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We've all had it - that feeling of not being able to date that young escort we've got a crush on. You spend all your nights out with your friends thinking that maybe someday; somehow she'll want you for someone more than just another lay. You dream of spending more time with her, you fantasise about how it would be like if she was your girl and imagine how you love the way she talks, she laughs or even acts as if she's one of the boys.

And oh, let's not forget that moment when we wake up to our daydreaming only to find out that she's just a vision waiting to be made into a reality. That unfortunate moment when you realise you haven't made a single move on her and before you know it, one of your friends "dibs" on her already and you can only hope that she chooses you instead of him, and that's even more unlikely to happen.

So before you end up just wishing and hoping, here are some of the things that can help you avoid being in the "friend zone" and more towards a more realistic dating goal.

Friends mean rejection - when you suddenly shift from "interested" to "just friends" she would think that you don't like her, even if the real reason is, you just don't think you're good enough for her. Don't ever make a woman feel rejected by downgrading her to the friend level.

Moving on - if you turn down a girl by making her one of your friends, don't expect her to want you back after a few months. Women set limits for themselves, how long they would sulk for a guy that could have been her great love. They will not put their lives on hold for you for the slightest hint of hope that you'll see her more than just a friend.

You don't know what you want - there's something so distracting about men who can't decide for themselves. It's like every decision is a matter of life and death, when in fact, it's just a choice between lovers and friends.

You're afraid to date - this may come as a surprise to you but a lot of men are afraid to take women out on a date. For whatever reason, be it the lack of financial stability or simply cowardice, there seems to be quite a number of men who just can't date. For goodness sake, that's why there are plenty of young escorts in London who are always ready to spend time with you and keep you company!

You never asked her out - if you're still wondering why you never got her to bed, wonder no more, because I'm about to tell you something very important: you never asked her out. Just because she thinks you like her doesn't mean she'll assert herself to you, it's not like she's the one who wants to be by herself anyway. Think about that.


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