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Colin was an average looking guy and not very confident when it came to women. He didn't have a girlfriend and usually just relied on the London escorts to come and entertain him when he felt horny or frustrated. For the last year though Colin had been pining over a girl who lived in the same block as him. They often passed each other in the lift or on the stairwell but he was pretty sure that she didn't even know that he existed. Her name was Liliana, which he knew from checking her post and from hearing her on her phone he could tell that she had a sexy Eastern European accent.

One rainy Thursday evening he was sat at home alone, watching TV when there was a power cut. He was suddenly plunged into darkness and for a few minutes he just sat there, hoping that it would come back on. A knock on the door made Colin jump. He was just starting to get used to the silence. He felt his way down the hall towards the front door, and opened it slightly revealing the pretty face of Liliana. "I'm sorry to bother you" she said in her sexy accent. "I'm a bit scared of the dark and was wondering if I could sit with you until the lights come back on?"

Colin thought that all of his Christmases had come at once and suddenly remembering how to speak, ushered her in. She held on to his arm as he led her through to the living room. They sat down next to each other on the sofa. Although Colin could only see Liliana's silhouette she still looked like a goddess. She touched his leg which made him jump again and Liliana laughed."You are supposed to be looking after me" she said. "Sorry" Colin rep0lied "It's just that you are beautiful". He instantly regretted saying it, thinking that Liliana would want to leave or that she may be offended.

Liliana slowly started caressing his thigh, her hand getting higher and higher until she was cupping his balls. Colin could feel himself getting erect and was glad that the lights hadn't come back on yet. Liliana dropped to her knees and turned to face Colin. She undid his trousers and began to caress the head of his penis. She then took his penis into her mouth and started sucking and licking it all over. Colin couldn't quite believe his luck. Was this a dream?

As he could feel himself beginning to cum he lifted her face from his penis and kissed her passionately on the mouth. She tasted so sweet and Colin knew he would remember this for a very long time. She straddled his lap and lifted her skirt allowing him easy entry. She lowered her wet pussy on to his hard cock and began to grind up and down on him. After just a few minutes he could feel Liliana moaning and groaning and knew that they were both ready to explode. Just as he was about to shoot his hot load inside her Liliana jumped off and took his penis back into her mouth where she swallowed all of his hot and sticky cum.

With that the lights came back on and Liliana looked at him. The glisten in her eyes let Colin know that she had enjoyed it just as much and without a word she turned and left.


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