One Rainy Night

London Escort Liana

It's a rainy Friday night. You go out to a bar with your friends while I stay in to work on my thesis presentation for the university. At midnight, you get a text from me:

"Why don't you come over my place later? After having fun with your friends, have fun with me."

You're already itching to ditch your friends but you know you can't leave because they'll tease you for being pussy-whipped by your girlfriend. It's almost 2am when you get to my apartment. The lights are all out and you figure I'm asleep already. You're disappointed because you're horny and I didn't wait up for you, so you'll have to wait until the morning for some sex. As you make your way towards the bedroom, you see a Post-it note stuck on the bedroom door:

"Feel free to wake me up with your dick."

You peep inside and see that I'm under the sheets, already sound asleep. You hesitate to wake me up. You sit on the bed and stroke my hair and notice my bare shoulders. You look under the duvet and you see that I'm fully naked. Because I'm a light sleeper, I wake up and give you a sleepy smile.

"I hope you're ready to fuck me now because I've been horny the entire night, thinking of how hard you'll fuck me when you get home."

You unzip your pants hurriedly, throw the duvet aside, spread my legs and enter me. We fuck so hard and fast that we come after a few minutes.

"You smell like beer and smoke", I say to you. I grab your hand and lead you to the bathroom. I take off your clothes and join you in the shower


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