Don’t play the blame game

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When in a relationship, we always tend to point fingers at other people. Instead, the person who also needs to take some of the blame is ourselves. Why is this? Is it because we are not mature enough to admit that we did wrong? Sometimes when we get upset and our emotions are triggered and we are told that we are wrong or our perception is wrong, one very strong emotion that can help fuel the fire is shame.

When in a relationship, it is very easy to justify our own actions and not take into consideration the feelings of the other person such as the London escort. When placing blame, we talk from a place where we have been hurt in the past and it can be harder for us to be mature about it especially if this has been happening since we were a child. Our childlike self tends to come forth leaving our adult self in the shadows.

The thing about placing blame on others is that we tend to mistake being responsible for being wrong. If we as adults take responsibility for the part that we play in a relationship, we would have no problems admitting when we are wrong. We won't feel defeated, blamed or wronged.

If however we refuse to take responsibility for the part of the relationship that we are creating, then we can be creating unhealthy relationships that will of course bring devastating end results. We end up stuck in our childlike selves where we feel powerless to do anything.

When we learn to take a hold of our adult self in every aspect of our lives, then and only then will we able to stop playing the role of a victim. When we get into a committed relationship we do it based on love for the other person even if they are a London escort. If the other person loves us then we should be able to admit our mistakes without being judged as well as expect our partners to feel the same way.

Placing blame on others is never the most effective way of dealing with relationship issues. Take responsibility for your actions and allow your adult self to rein in the relationship not your childlike self. We all have flaws and sometimes it is hard to admit them to ourselves far less another person, but if we want to maintain and build successful relationships then we need to fix ourselves during the process.


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