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There has been a study that has tried to hypothesise about the correlation between the growth of the text messaging culture and lying about information you put into text messages. The point of what I'm about to say is that I'm not going to explain thoroughly that study, but however, it still sheds some light on this topic, especially in relation to how most guys are guilty of this bad tendency. Be honest with yourself, fellas, if you know you're a party to these types of acts, then better to try and consider how to make changes with your texting habits.

First of all, the study explains that particular texts from certain people instantly template a response in men's heads. If you mix an awkward situation with a panicky guy and a mobile phone, you know that it's bound to end up with a lie. For example, when men are out at bars or fooling around with the Blonde escorts and their partners, fiancs or wives text them some sweet message, they'll instantly quote the message back to the sender with "too" at the end. You know from this message that the reply has not been given any thought, and that doubts may well raise themselves in women's heads about what you're up to, or if you're really "busy".

Another text that guys might get given the same awkward situation with a hot Blonde Escort at a bar, is one that asks you where you are, and what you're doing, or who's with you. Guys will automatically reply with a message that's somewhere along the lines of "with the guys", "dinner with workmates", or "hanging out". This instantly sends the wrong assumption to women that you are up to something bad. In the end, you have only yourself to blame! Not only are you lying about your information through your texts, but you're giving yourself away too easily. This is where the "text culture" hits most men in the balls.

However, this doesn't only endeavour to make men victims. It also works to men's advantage too if you try to catch your girl playing away with other men or hot male escorts. There is a warning sign that you guys should be cautious of. The way women profile your text messages should not be the same as your method in trying to catch them out in what they're doing. And the reason - drama!

Women tend to over react by turning into nagging crazy ranting females and easily list tons of reasons why they she should break up with you and then claim that you're accusing them of something that you might be (even if you're not) deflecting from.

How should you work profiling to your own advantage then? The answer is simple: be more subtle about it. Try and catch her out with awkward looks and replies once she gets back home. The reason behind this is that, let's face it - women are way better at faking a lot of things than men, including texts! Therefore, your approach should be more unpredictable, and straightforward. Crack the question quickly so that way, you know you can turn the tables and let your girl do some spontaneous explaining to you instead.


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