Why Self Help Books Don’t Help Much

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It is because of the introverted tendencies of most men that they feel that self help books will always be their life's bible. True enough, most problematic men are more "girly" about how they approach these books. You'll notice this when say for example, a guy has a stack of self help books in his apartment but hides it when the other guys come over. The bottom line is, though guys spend so much of their emotional energy and money on books, sometimes they don't even help that much. Let's de construct the approach of self help books and why that approach is, most likely, not what guys need to know or hear about their problems.

Firstly, self help books will noticeably try to dig into the problem and give you solutions to these predicaments. The problem is that most pieces of advice and inspirational foods for thought that these books give are just Band-Aid solutions. This means that they try to patch up the ruptures of life without really ensuring the healing of life wounds. Most guys instinctively get carried away with this approach because of the cathartic effect it has on them. The feeling that they are heard, or that they can relate to these experiences are easy triggers to get lost in the self help bubble that these books place you into.

Secondly, self help books try to familiarise guys with solutions that appeal to a particular man's life. For example, if you have problems with your sex life because you have cheating issues and you'd rather go with a dominatrix escort other than with your wife, these books try to talk about commitment problems and how you can resolve them quickly. On one hand, this approach may address your concerns about how you perceive your relationship with your wife, however, it doesn't address your problems with your attachments to escorts as your form of escape. This glaring ineffectiveness at addressing multifaceted problems is a clear disadvantage that guys don't see in self help books.

At times, self help books can become imposing. They try to persuade you to deal with problems from a particular outlook, and then they repeatedly remind you that there is something wrong or lacking within you.

Realistically speaking, a lot of problems have different ways in order for you to deal with them. For example, handling family problems and career problems are definitely mismatched. The approaches vary. On the other hand, self help books are too specialised, saying that one theme of problems can be dealt with in a singular manner. This is a more implicit way for them to tell you that they publish the best stuff out there. With not knowing it, you might even be getting the wrong advice.

Solving your problems should be specific to the situation that you face. Self help books may argue that they give you a jump start. However, friends, family, and your girl can give you all of those and then some, like looking deeper into your problems and knowing what the context is of, say, your affinity towards the dominatrix escorts.


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