Signs that you’re the Rebound

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Starting out a relationship with a woman who has just come out of one is a sticky situation. Not only do you risk making her more fragile than she already is, but you might just also be in for a wild ride yourself. On your end of the relationship, it's just unfair if you expect yourself to handle a broken down wreck who's sobbing over the phone to you. You know that, at this point, something doesn't fit. There are signs to look for in order to know if you're the perfect rebound or not. For all you know, she might just be considering you as a rebound relationship without you knowing it. Here's how to tell the difference:

There are pretty obvious signs that she's making you a rebound. Examples of this would be her confidence and openness in telling you about her previous relationships and how much she got out of them. When she goes on and tells a story about how amazing it was but how it was her fault, you know you're in for it. She's trying to buy herself some time with you in order to forget the previous relationship she had. Chances are, she will probably be more than willing to drop you like a hot potato when she does realise that she still loves the other guy. Be wary about this!

However, there are more subtle signs that you might not have previously considered as a giveaway. For example, when you guys start out having sex and just keep the relationship going from there, she'll be more likely to be after the sex rather than the relationship. If you don't plan on investing into something serious, then congratulations, as you have your own personal Asian escort at your beck and call. Otherwise, you might be in for some trouble. What you can do is calmly sit her down, and talk to her letting her know that you don't want to be just having sex because you see her as more than that. Look at how she reacts to this. If she takes it well then fine, but if she looks guilty and anxious, then good luck!

Lastly, if she doesn't fit the typical girlfriend occupation, there's bound to be something suspect about her. Although different women have different ways of handling their men, there will always be basic patterns to follow. If she, on the other hand, allows you to go out with the guys and mess around with a cute Asian escort and still stays sweet and casual about you, then you're definitely a rebound. The truth here is that she's not as taken with you as you are with her. These are all warning signals that indicate you need to sort things out with her to stop you from being a rebound.


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