Slave or Master?

London Escort Jules

In the big, wide world of BDSM, what role do you think you are most likely to fit into? That of a dominating and forceful master or would you be one of a submissive and vulnerable slave? If you have not tried this kind of lifestyle before then it may all seem a little strange to you but it is becoming more and more popular lately. Some people really get off on the idea of being the dominant one. The one that makes the decisions, the one that takes control and the one that wears the trousers. They like to assert their authority and tell the other person what to do. Other people really get turned on by being the more submissive party. The one who basically just submits to everything being asked of them. So which one are you? And what does this say about you as a person?

The Hoxton escorts meet lots of clients who like to take on one of these roles and it would surprise you as to who likes what. The escorts in Hoxton meet lots of clients who like to be tied up, beaten and abused for a couple of hours. They like their Hoxton escorts to dominate them and control them. These clients are usually police officers, judges, lawyers or people in a high up or professional position. The enjoy escaping from their daily life of having control and like the power to be taken away from them, just temporarily. Other clients like to dominate the Hoxton escorts and as long as the girls are happy with this they are able to control what their date does!

The Hoxton escorts know that everyone has different limits so they always arrange a code word with their clients before the appointment just in case either one of them feels uncomfortable at any point. The escorts in Hoxton rarely hear this word though as they are having too much of a good time! At Exclusive London Escorts you will find lovely Hoxton escorts who are very versatile so can adapt to any role you wish. They can be submissive little wall flowers one minute and dominant little vixens the next. Your escort in Hoxton will be everything you want her to be and a whole lot more. You are guaranteed an evening of fun, satisfaction and pure adult entertainment from start to finish.


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