When Social Networking Sites Ruin Relationships

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Relationships and social networking sites may never work well together. Sure, these sites might be helpful in terms of the extent they can help with getting you into a relationship. There's no denying that they can help to connect people and can be a great thing for single men and women to use, however, once you're in a relationship, you might find it more difficult to sustain the commitment you have, if you continue your usual ways with your networking site. Typical problems that couples face that are related to social networking are as follows:

Firstly, social networking sites can easily enhance insecurities and jealousy. You know that when you've lived a full single or bachelor's life, there will always be some hang ups left even when in a relationship. Either way, these hang ups are not healthy. When you have a whole group of friends on your site that are your own personal contacts such as European escorts, your partner can easily open up your account when a message is left unread and it can all blow up in your face! Transparency is crucial to remedy this.

Aside from telling her your dark past on your social networking site, you need to be a bit more serious in treating her the right way. The best sign of respect for your girl if you're really serious with her that is, is to show her that you devote a major chunk of your attention to her and your relationship. This means that you should be more than willing to delete all your previous contacts that relate to women, such as gorgeous European escorts, and porn accounts. Again, this sacrifice can only be worth it when you decide that your girl is worth it. Otherwise, be prepared for non-stop nagging and fighting.

Lastly, make sure that you involve her in your social networking space. This means that you should include a respectable amount of your space online to declare to the Internet public that both of you are together. You know how women are; they can get too clingy at times. If they aren't, it's always best to be on the safe side. Be it in the form of pictures, relationship profiles or just posts to each others' accounts, all these will already suffice keeping the relationship from falling off the edge. On the other hand, if you don't do this and she discovers some upsetting pictures you had taken with the guys along with some escorts, then prepare for your relationship to go downhill from there on!


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