Supermarket Sweep

London Escort Cassie

Hand up if you hate food shopping! There is nothing worse than pushing a trolley around a busy supermarket and getting pushed here there and everywhere by thrifty shoppers on the hunt for a bargain. You never end up getting what you really want and always end up buying lots of stuff that you didn't. The Notting Hill Gate escorts often end up giving up half way round the supermarket just so that they can get out of there. Especially when they have kids in tow as well! Having two screaming kids hanging on to the side of the trolley demanding sweets, crisps and chocolate is really not the one!

Here are some tips from the Notting Hill Gate escorts on how to avoid getting stressed out at the supermarket. It works for them so why not give it a go yourself?

1. Make a budget and stick to it.. Set yourself a total amount of what you ant to spend and only allow yourself to go a pound over. Imagine that you just don't have any more money. The escorts in Notting Hill Gate often pay in cash and just take out what they want to spend.

2. Go on your own.Don't take the kids with you. Get someone to look after them for a couple of hours or leave them at home with your partner. You end up giving in to the kid's demands just to keep them quiet and this can send you way over budget!

3. Make a list of everything you want to get from your trip. Try and imagine yourself walking up and down the aisles so that you can have everything in some kind of order when you get there. The escorts in Notting Hill Gate write their lists in sections of how the supermarket is laid out.

4. Cut out any money off and saving coupons before you go and put them in an envelope in your bag. This way you won't hold up the queue scrabbling about in your purse at the checkout.

So with this in mind your trip to the supermarket may be slightly easier than it was the last time. You may even see some of the Notting Hill Gate escorts in there next time you go. You will be able to spot which ones they are as they will be the glamorous looking girls who look just as good in a pair of jeans as they do in their sexy underwear!


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