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How to party like a Divorcee

For most men, being single is something we could live with for the rest of our lives. Synonymous to independence and freedom, staying single for a long time can be a feat for any man.

Ideas for Your Office Parties

If you're hosting the party for the office, it's either you're new at your company, or people trust you that much. Whatever reason it might be, one's thing's for sure, the pressure is on you. However daunting this task might be, don't get frightened.

Dress to Party

Every man we know loves Friday for various reasons. Firstly, most likely payday and also they get to slack off at work (although we don't recommend this) and get away with it as it's the end of the week.

How to Handle Your Stress and Diet Issues

Dieticians and other medical experts have agreed that there is a positive correlation between the direct increased levels of stress you experience and your increased appetite. It's not rocket science to think that when you're tired, or exposed to a lot of different stresses that you'd want to escape them and maybe grab a quick relieving snack.

A wild night out

Everyone enjoys a good night out. Having a few drinks and a good time with your friends is the best way to let your hair down. The escorts in Camden Town love to party. No one could ever accuse these girls of being shy or boring! They are always the first ones on the dance floor and are great little movers!

The Early Bird

We've all had those mornings when we wake up feeling a little horny and over excited and there is nothing better than a little early morning action, whether it is before you go to work or after a big night out. Why not call one of the sexy and kinky escorts to come and entertain you for an hour or so? They can be a great way to start your day or a pleasurable way to end your evening.


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