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London escort Facts

Escort services are more openly talked about now as compared with ten years ago. Many considered escorts a topic of no discussion.

More than Friends

We've all had it - that feeling of not being able to date that young escort we've got a crush on. You spend all your nights out with your friends thinking that maybe someday; somehow she'll want you for someone more than just another lay.

Never to Old with the Young Escorts

It's inevitable that men will feel age creep up on them at some point. Ageing is a natural process, but it is hard to accept. Only a few men actually admit to feeling their age. This is where hiring young escorts can help a lot.

Becoming a Wood Green Escort

Are you the kind of girl that is sociable, sexy, fun and enthusiastic? Are you attractive, open minded and adventurous? If you have answered yes to the above then you too could become a Wood Green escort!

Getting the most from your Escort

If you are paying for the time and company of one of the London escorts then you want to ensure that you get your money's worth. At Exclusive London escorts we have heard lots of horror stories of escorts who have arrived at client's houses and left after ten minutes, claiming to have provided a service.

Not a Taboo Subject

Over recent years using the services of a visiting escort has become more and more acceptable and popular. Many men across the world rely on paid companionship as often work or other commitments means that they just don't have the time to engage in relationships and romances.

Does age Matter?

A lot of older or shall we say more mature gentlemen tend to stay away from younger girls as there are often too many issues regarding differences in hobbies, interests, opinions and the view points that you may each have about life.

Make Friends with the Busty Escorts

The sexy and busty escorts know that it is not always about the sex when visiting their clients. Some guys are genuinely looking for companionship and friendship and there is no physical contact at all. Being in the company of women is very different to being in the company of men and if guys don't have a woman's influence in their life they can really miss it.

A Mature Companion

Lots of younger guys fantasies about being with an older woman. It turns them on to think of being with an elegant and classy, mature lady. That's why the mature London escorts are so popular! Guys as young as eighteen are moving away from the younger girls and want a real woman!

Staying in is the new Going out

Why not spend some quality time with a young escort? You could have dinner together, have a few drinks and get to know each other better. Your young escort would be happy to curl up on the sofa with you and watch a film. These girls are well known for providing a fantastic girlfriend experience so you can enjoy passionate kisses and affectionate cuddles from your beautiful companion.

Real Girls

At Exclusive London Escorts we don't claim to have a gallery that is full of porn stars and glamour models. Admittedly all of our busty escorts are easy on the eye but we try to have a real selection of different ladies for you to choose from. We only ever use recent and genuine pictures of our busty escorts as we know then that we will have something that appeals to all tastes and preferences.

Glamour girls

We all look at girls in magazines and on TV and fantasise about what it would be like to sleep with them. We probably have a few celebrity crushes but know that we can only admire these women from afar. We are not all lucky enough to be blessed with the good looks and confidence to have stunning women falling at our feet so sometimes need a bit of help!

Making the Breast Decision

Breasts are always in your face. They are in newspapers, magazines, on TV, in the office, on your son's bedroom wall, in fact, just about everywhere. People don't look twice these days if they see a sexy girl dressed in a skimpy bikini or a revealing top. Many women go topless on the beach or on holiday and you often see women breast feeding in cafes and restaurants.

Love and Affection

Everybody needs a bit of love and affection. Whether they get this from a friend, a partner or family members, we all need it. We all enjoy intimacy and being close to someone and can miss this side of things if we are not in a relationship. That's why the young escorts are so popular. They are warm, affectionate, sweet and generous and have many loyal clients all over the city who rely on them for their emotional and personal needs.

Ultimate Fantasy Girls

Make those naughty and erotic dreams come to life with the broad minded escorts. These ladies offer so much more than a standard personal service and can cater to all of your personal and sexual needs. They can be whatever you want them to be and a whole lot more! You may have some unusual or odd requests that you want to ask of the broad minded escorts.

The best Social Companions

The petite escorts aren't just great entertainers in the bedroom they are also friendly, chatty and great companions. They know that not all clients are looking for a naughty experience and many are just looking for someone that they can chat to and laugh with. Many of their clients are in London on business and are genuinely looking for a bit of company.

No need to go out

You don't have to have an expensive night out in order to have a good time. You don't have to pay out for taxis, nightclub entry fees, take aways and drinks when you can have just as much fun at home. Why not book an international escort to spend the evening with? They can come and see you at home or in your hotel and can provide you with a massage and a full personal service.

A weekend Away

We all need to get away from the hustle and bustle of working life sometimes and take some time for ourselves. What better way to escape than a weekend away with the busty escorts? Book a weekend away in a country hotel and enjoy the peace and tranquillity. Spend the days exploring your surroundings and the evenings enjoy each other's company.


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