Is there such a thing as normal?

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Whether you're a man who grew up in the city or the suburbs or the countryside, there's always that one question you'll have in mind growing up: What's normal between and under the sheets? Or in layman's terms, "what is normal sex for the normal guy?"

Although this question can have so many different answers, there's only one that seems to resonate from within: There's nothing normal; except perhaps for the fact that all men and women, escort girls included, engage in sex when they are tired, when they need to feel alive, when they need to feel affection and passion and when they are just too damn bored with their life. That's the truth and that's the only thing normal about sex.

Now if you insist that there should be a set of things or a group of actions that are considered normal under the sheets, then please yourself as you read along, better yet, have a London brunette escort come over to your place as you read this and if you can try to observe each other while doing it:

There's nothing normal in bed, and in sex, what is considered normal could be just a person's reaction to the other when sharing a bed. And here's exactly what "normal sex" is

Hardly any of the partners speak in bed - the communication is limited but not the actions. In bed, actions speak louder than words, unless your escort companion moans just as loud as the siren on the streets.

Both partners are concerned with their performance - yes, this happens and this is normal. When one seems to think more of his or her performance in bed than the actual deed, then that's a problem.

Sex is painful - this is very true. We all think that sex should be enjoyable, pleasurable and everything orgasmic. But sometimes, it's just not, especially when you're doing something physically strenuous and sexually impossible. Physical pain can be felt during sex, and it can start with the mere chafing of your tool, so you better use more lube next time.

Health problems are normal - unless your partner died of a heart attack during the process, then you don't have a problem. But truth be told, health problems can show up when you least expect it, when you reach orgasm. Orgasms send our hearts going like a car drag racing; it's so fast that you can't control it.

Sex is normal - yes, having sex is normal, be it with the woman you love or the escort you hired to sleep with you, sex is normal and you shouldn't feel bad if you get it everyday. For all you know, everyone else is and you're just one of the few who happens to think about it more than actually doing it.


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