No Time for Sorrow

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Some say that more people die during the holiday season because of depression, if not heart related problems. And although it still remains to be a puzzle as to why the rate of depression is higher during the colder months of the year, there seems to be quite a trend, the majority of these people who pass away, are men.

And if you look at their profiles, they aren't the homeless, distraught and hopeless people, they are in fact, some of the richest and most prolific and established men this world has ever seen.

But at some point, I guess they too, have had enough of the world's unbecoming attitude towards life. That being a man is defined on the number of houses you've own, the number of cars you drive and the number of women, especially hot English escorts that you've been to bed with. Cruel as the world is to them, there seems to be quite a distant connection between how a man handles depression and why he decides to take his own life but for purposes of this article, we're only going to address issues about depression and how this year shouldn't be one of those that you'll spend sulking in one corner of your room.

Be Kind to People - I know how some people feel when they deprive others of what they can do to help. It's frustrating and disturbing, but when you finally managed to do a random act of kindness to others, the elation is very gratifying and almost, but certainly not as good as sex with English escort companions.

Don't forget to live - with all the hustle and bustle of everyday living, sometimes we forget that we too, need to live a little. And I don't mean, just breathe; I mean being able to do the things you've always wanted to do with your life and having fun with the people you love. These are the things that make you a person and they should continue to make you live for as long as you can and want to.

Support other people - if you think you can't make yourself do things, then why don't you support others who want to but don't have the means. If you can't follow your dream now, don't let others share the same misery as you do. If you can and you would, take the time to support other people to achieve their dreams. Not only are you helping them out, you're also living vicariously through them.

Don't keep it all in - keeping your emotions in private is good but when you hold on to it for too long, you might not like what will happen. Most research say that depressed people are often than not those who never got mad at anything or anyone. Locking it in isn't and will never be the same as being true to yourself.


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