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The Situation: You're a pretty good looking, smart, witty, funny kind of guy. You're very easy to get along with, which makes you such a great guy. You've got a girl, she's beautiful, smart, sexy and talented just like you are. At first you hit it off quite well, a year into the whole thing, you start to see how far she's gone from the time you first met. Then all of a sudden, she decides she wants to split up for no apparent reason. Being the guy in the relationship, you thought everything was going as planned, only to find out that she's played you. What do you do?

In the life of a man, we meet a girl or a woman who will turn us up, over and down. But more often than not, these women only stay for a while, perhaps to fulfill their mission of changing us, or giving us more direction.

According to some Heathrow escorts, dating single men is relatively more convenient than dating married men. With single men, they know they're the only option, but with married men, they know that they are the least priority. But what makes them stay? According to them, being challenged in a relationship is a must to keep their interest levels intact. It's very important that they look forward to something new in the relationship, everyday if possible.

And one of the most common problems of men is that they pose the challenge early on even before the relationship starts. They challenge the woman to do things that they would normally do inside a relationship, therefore pre-empting any form of excitement for the woman.

You see every relationship goes through a dry spell, a time wherein both partners do not feel the urge for each other. It's as if everything becomes monotonous and eventually, both will fall out of love. So before that happens, you need to be able to know if there's a potential problem.

At the end of the day, what matters to a woman is if you can show her, not tell her how much you love her. It's not enough you tell her that you love her, you've got to show her that you do. As the old saying goes, "your actions speak louder than your words". Don't be a victim of what seems to be a widespread epidemic of "the word love". If you truly love her and you're willing to do everything to keep her in love with you, then I suggest that you stop reading this and start working on ways to surprise her that could be a good start.


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