Wash your Mouth Out

London Escort Lucy

Explore your fantasies with the naughty and broad minded escorts. They are happy to take on whatever role you wish. They can be broad minded dominatrix escorts or dress up as naughty school girls or anything else that gets you going. Have a chat with your chosen lady first to make sure she knows what you want. These ladies are very versatile and very eager to please. They are happy to bring toys outfits and anything else that will make your experience more pleasurable.

You may have a fantasy about talking dirty whilst having sex. This is a perfect excuse to watch a bit of hardcore porn. The actors and actresses often speak very graphically about what they and how they feel. Get some tips about sexy things to say and practice when you are masturbating so you can get used to how you sound when saying these things. Practice describing what you are doing and how it is making you feel.

Make sure that you are totally relaxed with your broad minded escort and that there is no one else in the house or downstairs that will hear or disturb you. Don't feel shy, she will have heard it all before and can tell you what sounds good and what turns her on. She can tell you if something sounds silly. Whisper in her ear and tell her exactly how she is making you feel. Ask her to shout your name as she climaxes.

Next time you are away from your partner ask her if she would like to have a little phone sex. Remember everything you learnt from your experience and take it slowly. If your partner is shy or nervous tell her that you will do all the talking this time and she can just listen and join in if she wants to. Start by telling her how sexy she is and what you would want to do if she was there with you. Describe how you would touch her and how you would kiss her. Really let your imagination run wild and try not to hold back. Ask her if she likes what you are saying and what she would want to do to you.

Dirty talk and role play fantasy can be great if executed correctly. It can turn you on and give you a great insight into your partner's feelings and needs.


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