The World of Dogging

London Escort Lora

Have you ever driven past a car park late at night only to see lots of cars parked up with their lights on? You may have thought it was just a bunch of teenagers smoking weed or having a good time. You are probably wrong and the people you see are more likely to be doggers than anything else! Doggers are a group of adults who enjoy swinging and rather than do it in the privacy of each others homes they prefer to do it outside and in front of other people. This is what turns them on and they love the thrill of having sex with strangers. The overnight escorts are no strangers to dogging and enjoy a bit of alfresco action themselves!

If you are wondering where to start then you could look on the internet for local places to try. These sites are updated by doggers and swingers looking to meet up in the dead of the night. You may be thinking that it is a bit too cold at the moment to get your bits out in public but the overnight escorts tell us that once the adrenaline starts pumping you soon forget about the temperature. Once you have found somewhere suitable, remembering not to go too local as you don't want to bump into anyone you know, you can get yourself ready for a night of fun and kinky games.

Dress in something sexy and something that is easy to get off. The overnight escorts tell us that there is nothing worse than grappling with belt buckles and tricky zips. It can be a real passion killer. Remember to take something to cover up in though, just in case anyone unexpected arrives. The overnight escorts have told us some of the rules of dogging. Apparently if you leave the light on in your vehicle it means that you want people to come and watch you and if you have the window or door open they are allowed to touch. It's worth remembering this dogging etiquette and also remembers to treat the women at these events with respect. The overnight escorts tell us that the majority of people they meet at these events are respectful and kind.

At Exclusive London Escorts there are lots of beautiful overnight escorts that can tell you a bit more about the dogging scene. They may even be willing to come with you to really show you how it's done!


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